Kohaku #024

Breeder: Taniguchi

Size: 21cm (8.25 inches)

Stock #: 024k

Price: $800.00

Date of Birth: 06/2019

Free boarding @ Taniguchi until April 2020

Yoichi Taniguchi and Zak Schmidt personally selected a limited number of high quality Gosanke to participate in an exclusive grow-out event held at Taniguchi Koi Farm in Hiroshima, Japan.

These hand selected koi can be purchased and boarded with the breeder through the winter months in his warm greenhouses.

Currently these Tosai are too young to be accurately sexed.  In Spring when the winter boarding period is over and the koi have grown… it will be possible to more accurately determine their sex.  Many of the previous years grow-out koi that started at 15cm in the Winter grew to over 30cm by Spring and most of these Tosai turned out to be female!  (Click here to see previous year’s results)

Koi determined to be female in the Spring will be eligible to board in Taniguchi’s mud ponds for the summer growing season.  An additional fee of $150.00 per koi will be charged in the Spring… right before the koi are released to the mud ponds. Koi that were released to the mud ponds last summer grew to 50cm and more!

The Taniguchi Grow-out presents an opportunity to acquire a high quality koi at a fraction of the cost of a Jumbo Tosai or a Nisai.  For those of us who live in colder climates, this is a great way to enjoy koi during the winter… while getting a jump on the coming spring season.

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